Saturday, June 28, 2014

cross roads

I think of a crossroads as an anxious place.

Because one path seems as good or bad as the next and how do I know which is best and what if I mess it up?

Monday, June 23, 2014

treasure chest of mess

So I started a project today. I decided a mission was in order - a mission to collect and sort and organize all the pieces and things and stuff that I have kept over the last several years. 

Things that inspired me. Things that made me laugh. Things that convicted me. Things that made me cry. Journals and books and articles and lyrics and devotionals and random printed pieces of paper. Things I've written. 

All stored in enough places that the collection process itself was a challenge, and I'm still not sure I've found all my hidey-holes.

I thought this was a good idea. 

Probably it was, but it got overwhelming very quickly.

(the dog was no help, by the way)

I can't believe how much is there. Really, can't believe it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

one word

... is worth a thousand pictures.


And although I don't quite have a thousand pictures (yet), here are a few of my favorites.

[Ya'll knew this post was coming,right?]

This beautiful family, delighted and sometimes a little nervous and all tired and everything is chaos now. 

A baby changes everything. And it's wonderful to watch each of them change, as they become acquainted with this 8-pound miracle.

Her facial expressions were simply priceless - smiles and wonder and close to tears. Such a reflection of her sweet and tender personality. Beautiful picture of immediate love.

Tiny (she asked recently if we would still call her that) needed a little help, but look at the joy! She's pretty sure she will be the one to change diapers, feed him and bring him to Mommy in the middle of the night. Definitely Mom's sidekick and helper! Love.

And this guy. He launched himself into the hospital room, stopped short and said, "Huh. Looks like he has male pattern baldness already."

And told Tiny that she needed to support Lincoln's neck so she didn't "snap his head off."

And said he wasn't going to touch him until he was three.

Hilarious, precocious kiddo - and also a little nervous. But this picture is from the second day, and he's conquered his fears. Love wins.

Smart daddy, fourth kid ... don't miss out on a chance to sleep! But how precious this picture is, with the baby snuggled into the crook of his neck. And love is obvious.

And Mama. So tired, and so in awe, and so thankful, and so in love.

So yes, love is worth a multitude of pictures. And love overwhelms, and is instantaneous, and showed up in us - his Nini and Papa - with simultaneous laughter and tears and pure joy.

And we wondered, as we gazed upon his scrunchy face for the first time, how it's possible to see a newborn and not believe in God. That He formed Lincoln in his Mama's womb, that he is fearfully and wonderfully made, and that there are BIG plans in the works for him, this boy that God loved like crazy before he was even created.

And we will all pray for this child, that he will begin to understand the huge-ness of God's love for him at a young age.

Still smiling,

Monday, June 2, 2014

what if

Ah, the weekly trip to the library. The stuff of happiness, for this kid. Me, I mean - I LOVE the library. I love to read. I love books. The kind you hold in your hands, paper and ink and words, lots and lots of words.

Especially the ones by familiar authors, much anticipated new releases - you know, the ones you want to start reading before you're even out the library door.

[Oops, I should have given the 'nerd alert' before I started this post. Too late.]

The ones that capture your attention so completely that all other senses are rendered incompetent ... and you are swept away into the story.

Oh, you called me for dinner? Didn't hear you. What, something's burning? Didn't notice. Bedtime? Already?? 

The ones you want to stay up and finish, even though it's hours past time to sleep.

What if.

What if I read this ...

... the same way.

I would like to say I do, but it's not true. Yet THESE words, they are the very words of God. They give life, and light, and meaning. They reveal mysteries, clear up confusion, point the way to the unfailing truth.

The greatest love story ever written. And it's written to me.

What if I read it like a love letter, eagerly awaiting the next sentence, the next paragraph, soaking it all in, reading it over and over until I have it memorized?

What if I sacrificed sleep, and food, and distractions of various types, to envelop myself in this treasure trove?

I know what if.

The story would change me. The words would penetrate my very being, and I would never be the same.

This book, it changes lives. Because it's written by the God who breathed life into its pages, just as He breathed life into you and me.

Shall we? Read it like it's a best seller, hot off the presses? Read it over, and over, and over again, like it's a letter from the love of our lives? 

Could we be so hungry for it that we can't get out of bed fast enough?

Setting my alarm,