Sunday, February 28, 2016

so long, February!

I think it's safe to conclude that February was an emotional bust. I gave myself a thankfulness challenge this morning and the best I can do is to be thankful I survived it. I'm not given to drama, so I for real mean that I am not just glad it's (almost) over, I'm truly thankful that the tide didn't take me under.

This month has just been ... rough. What an inadequate word, yet if I don't choose the one, I may let loose with the millions and you don't need to hear them and I'm pretty sure it would not be helpful to me to give them voice. Suffice it to say that it's been dark around here, as it is every February, and even though I should know by now, somehow it catches me off guard each year.

Seasonal depression is a real thing. I have so few words to give right now, but I hope it's ok that I whisper out loud that I have struggled. And if you are my fellow traveler I want you to know that I see you and I understand and can I just say that this part of our lives sucks?

If I took the thankfulness challenge in February it would look something like this:

Day 1. I am thankful for cold cereal. Because dinner.
Day 2. I am thankful for Law & Order reruns. They entertain me between naps.
Day 3. I am thankful that my pajamas look like workout clothes because I don't have to change if I don't want to and I can pretend I, like, worked out.
Day 4. I'm thankful that what I was thankful for on Day 3 means a lot less laundry.
Day 5. I'm thankful that HyVee delivers groceries so I don't have to leave my house. Because it's so peopley out there. (Not even kidding, they bring them right to your door! Best February discovery ever.)
Day 6. I'm thankful for voicemail. 'Nuff said on that one.
Day 7. I'm thankful for coffee. Duh.
Day 8. I'm thankful for sunshine. Or I would be if I ever saw any.

And so on.

Truly I AM thankful for a husband and family and friends that love me and "get" me and shore me up in the storm and never give up on me. You peeps are the reason that the tide never wins the battle.

Here's to March!


  1. How on earth did I miss this wonderful post? One extra day this year. How you doing?

    1. You only thought you missed it, my faithful friend! :)

  2. This post captured my mood completely. These days are so long and dreary, and as luck would have it, it is raining outside my window, again. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful. We have so much good in all this gray!

  3. Emily I'm sorry your February has been like mine - it's no fun is it? Hope the rain stops soon and the sun comes out for you, literally and figuratively! Thanks for reading.


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